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Key Employee List

Name Department Title Phone
Berrones, MichelleAccountingPayroll Clerk559-784-1399 ext. 1021
Bond, MistySE GroupsProgram Supervisor II559-784-1399 ext. 1009
Cabreros, KimberlyASC/DTACClient Program Coordinator559-784-1399 ext. 1202
Carabay, AnaliliaBehavior ProgramsAdministrative Assistant559-784-1399 ext. 1201
Clark, QurshaSE Groups(Mobile Maintenance, Dairy Crews,
Landscaping Crew, Graffiti Crew,
Sweeping Crews, Janitorial Maintenance, Walmart DC)
Director of Business Services559-784-1399 ext. 1116
Covarrubias, SusieASC/DTACClient Program Coordinator559-784-1399 ext. 1414
Duran, SusanClub 194/DTACClient Program Coordinator559-784-1399 ext. 1308
Fitton, ShaunaPSW Transportation (Mechanic Helpers Crew,
Bus-Washing Crews)
Director of Transportation & Safety559-784-1399 ext. 1301
Floyd, WesleySE Groups - RecyclingRecycling Manager559-784-1399 ext.1123
Gaither, EsmeraldaBehavior ProgramsProgram Supervisor III559-784-1399 ext 1203
Gray, AlyssaPSW TransportationAdministrative Assistant559-784-1399 ext. 1011
Hunt, TamiILPService Coordinator559-799-1322
Lamb, DebbieSE Groups(Thrift Store, Laundry Service, Copy Center/Janitorial Crew)Retail Manager559-784-1399 ext. 1105
Ledbetter, CarolAdministrationDirector of Program Services559-784-1399 ext. 1003
Maddox, BrittneyASC/DTACAdministrative Assistant559-784-1399 ext. 1400
Mason, ValASC/DTACClient Program Coordinator559-784-1399 ext. 1413
Padama, BrandiAccountingAccounts Receivable Clerk559-784-1399 ext. 1022
Pereda, GraceILPProgram Supervisor III559-310-3626
Poe, CurtisASC/DTACClient Program Coordinator559-784-1399 ext. 1412
Price, AnettaSEP-IP/EDP/TEWISEmployment Development Specialist559-784-1399 ext. 1126
Shoemake, BethanyLindsay ProgramsClient Program Coordinator559-562-2713
Shoemake, MarshaASC/DTACProgram Supervisor III559-784-1399 ext. 1401
Hunt, TamiILPService Coordinator559-799-1322
Trujillo, MaryILPService Coordinator - Porterville559-310-4040
Vasquez, TeenaSE Groups - Walmart DC CrewsProduction Manager559-783-1109 ext. 6100
Walker-Maddox, LeeAnnaSEP-IP/EDP/TEWISEmployment Development Specialist559-784-1399 ext. 1126