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Adult Development Programs:

  • Adult Service Center (Porterville)

  • Lindsay Service Center (Lindsay)

What are the Adult Development Programs?

  • Provide instructional opportunities

  • Pre-vocational training

  • Focus on the individual’s strengths and preferences

  • Individualized goals and schedules

  • Provides direct services with a staff to client ratio of 1 to 3

What type of services do the Adult Development Programs offer?

  • A variety of activities, including:

    • Educational

    • Social skills

    • Community integration

    • Independence training

    • Sensory stimulation

    • Recreation

    • Senior program

    • Assists with self-care needs

    • Additional activities may be introduced as requested

What is M.O.V.E? (Mobility Options via Education and Experience)

  • Assists individuals to sit, stand and/or move as they are able

  • Utilizes specialized adaptive equipment

  • We are certified MOVE Providers and, alongside a physical therapist; complete physical therapy evaluations and treatment plans

Who are our Clients?

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Intellectually / Developmentally disabled

  • Multiple disabilities and / or are medically fragile
    (including G-tube, colostomy and tracheotomy needs)

  • Autistic

  • Ambulatory and non-ambulatory

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Adult Development Programs Program Supervisor

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Come join us as we enhance vocational, cognitive, safety, nutritional, fitness and independent living skills all within the community where you live. Call me Monday – Friday 7:30 am-4:00 pm.

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